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Thread: Feeling for a Fallow

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    Cool Feeling for a Fallow

    A big thank you to Doug and Graham for taking Charles and I out stalking for the evening.

    We met up with Doug and Graham around 2 and headed off to the stalking ground for am attempt at the Fallow. As we pulled into the 500 acre wood that we would be stalking either end of, we were greeted with the fleeing of 12 fallow breaking cover and almost jumping into the car with us! Neither of us have shot a Fallow before so that really got us in the mood!

    I had Doug as my guide as i wanted to try out his 6.5x55 as I am thinking of getting one myself. We set off stalking through a block of woodland that just screamed deer, there were slots every where, bark stripped off branches and crossing tracks all over! We made our way through to an opening in the woodland and gave the buttalo a call to see if anything would pop its head up but to no avail.

    From here we made our way down onto a woodland ride and made our way down to a part of the wood where it breaks out into a grassland patch with small conifers, But apart from hearing a munty break from cover no Fallow were to be seen so we stalked up one more ride to a high seat we try our luck at as the sun set.

    This High seat looked down a ride from right to left, had a bank of trees behind for 200m and in front a maze of small conifers and tall grass that was a haven for the deer with lots of well used crossing points going in and out. After about 15min our low whispers were enough to wake a young Munty doe that was snoozing not 20 yards in front tucked up in thick cover. But she made her way further into the thicket un alarmed just a second before the cross hairs were upon her.

    With about 15 mins till it would be too dark to shoot we made the decision to stalk up the ride to our left as it came out onto a field where the Fallow may be grazing. As we got 150m up the ride 2 Fallow does that were tucked up in cover spooked and ran 30 yards up the slope to our left and then stopped to look back and see what was going on. I was already on the sticks... cross hairs on the shoulder at 100m.... the the beast drop on the spot. A nice looking calf. The other fallow ran on another 30m and stopped for a look back.. I placed the cross hairs on the animal and let of another round. 2 in the bad or so i thought....

    We marked the spots where the deer were shot and recovered the 1st deer. The 2nd had gone in thick cover so waited for graham and charles to arrive with the deer dog. But after a long search by the dog and us with torches we could find no sign of the deer... After a long search we called it quits and could find no sign of a blood trail, pins or the deer... Doug went back in the morning for another search in day light but no sign of a strike or the deer... My first miss on a deer, its not a great feeling but after sending a pack of dogs through to search with no sign of blood or pins at least it was a clean miss!

    Im sure Charles will add his stalk to the thread but a big thank you to Doug for getting me my first Fallow! It tastes bloody good, and will save me going hungry at uni!

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    I have no doubt you will be seeing us soon! We had a great time, thanks again.

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    Glad you enjoyed the experience Tom and we were in part sucessful unfortunately it was not charles evening but that's stalking eh ! The wood we visited is a very special place for myself and graham and each time I visit it even if I am not shooting is a fantastic time for me so to get you on a deer was equally exciting for me !
    Glad you liked the 6.5 perhaps next time you could try the 308 .
    Shame we didn't see the collared doe that would have capped a great stalk .
    kindest regards

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    Thats ok, i am having great fun winding him up! I am sure his time will come.

    The wood was awesome! I can see why its special. Especially with getting onto the deer at last light!

    Well that's 2 reasons to come back again!

    Cheers, Tom

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    I have to say, its been endless!! Ha its ok Doug, was a really enjoyable evening and like you said thats stalking! Couldn't fault Graham at all, great guy and knew the wood inside out. Unfortunately it just wasn't my day, best we come again soon i think would love to go out for a stalk with both of you lads again, was a top night. Im still wondering what kinda roar his unmoderated beast sounds like!!

    Cheers mate,
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    The 7x64 does bark abit mate glad you had a good time and graham does know the wood very well far better than me we just got lucky yr turn next time .keep yr heads down and work hard at uni
    kind regards

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