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Thread: Twin Sticks

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    Twin Sticks

    Hi All,

    Here we have probably THE best twin sticks on the market – bar none - as recommended by John of YDS.

    These robustly made and simply designed sticks are virtually indestructible, I have one of the first pairs we ever made 5 years ago and they’re still going strong - one set has even been run over by a van and they didn't break!

    • The sticks have a simple cam-lock function which allows operation even with thick gloves on, they allow adjustment for any height of shot from sitting to standing – I’m 6’3” and there’s plenty of length left in there.
    • The foam tops protect your rifle from unwanted noise and scratches etc and the centre foams prevent the legs clanging together (they also provide a warm point in cold weather with which to carry the sticks if adjusted to the balance point)
    • The pointed ends dig into even the hardest surface to prevent slippage.
    • You NEVER get that sinking feeling like you do with some sticks when extended, these are rock solid – guaranteed!
    • Lightweight alloy construction at just 900g.

    Price including P&P is - 60

    PayPal to - or bank transfer (details on request) cheque's are also fine (address on request) Delivery will be 2-3 working days as we make them to order - sent using 1st Class Standard Parcels. PM me with your orders please.

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    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I've also got theses sticks fantastic worth every penny

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    I have a set of these that I got from John at YDS last year and can't fault them. Far better than some of the flimsy stuff you see in the shops and you know if they can last with the use John gives them daily they must be good.

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    Hi TJ i will have a set pls pm bank details. the tikka is shooting sweet

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    I got a pair of these sticks from John of YDS ABOUT 1 year ago, absolutely superb, solid, steady, light and easily adjustable. Never go stalking without them.

    Tjwaines, when the quad stick is available let me know.


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    Sold loads of these for the boys and they are cheaper now toms making them.
    Even better value.
    Get some bought they are a solid rest.

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    Do you do a tripod one or even one with a swivel top ! im looking for something similar to the bog pod sticks

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    Not as yet, tripod shouldnt be too much of a problem (not made one up yet though) but swivel top may be a bit adventurous for myself. This is just a side line for me, no real R&D dept I'm afraid.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Have recieved my sticks. Very impressed much better than my old shop bought ones! Build quality is excellent! Very very good value for money. Thanks very much Tom!



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