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    BASC Magazine

    Anyone else seen p44 of the latest BASC mag showing the badly shot Muntjac.

    What kind of standards are they trying to promote

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    Yup,and the baler twine!

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    Stand Buck,
    You actually READ the magazine!!

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    NO just look at the pictures

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    Stand Buck,
    So you actually take the polythene wrapper off do you!!
    Wow, I'll have to try that sometime, last time I did that it wasn't worth the effort

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    It's interesting to see that others think the same about the various magazines including the BASC magazine, and about some of the editors.
    I thought it was just me becoming a misserable old git! Every month I have a thumb through the various magazines in the hope of finding something worthwhile to read, and nearly every month I come away disappointed.
    In fact I get a better read on here, and more information, than from any of the magazines on offer in this country.

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    Not too sure that any of them are really worth the money at the moment. I read a letter in Sporting Rifle a few months ago, about a guy who shot his first Muntjac with a borrowed rifle he'd never used before. I think he said he managed a head shot at 100 yards! I bought Countrymans' Weekly a couple of weeks ago - seems a lot more honest and down to earth than most of the competition, so thatbwill be my choice for a while.

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