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Thread: Docter optic service

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    Docter optic service

    Finally got round to sending my 8x56 IR away for repair, anyone out there had cause to send their Docter scope back to Germany for repair if so what kind of service can I expect ?.

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    [QUOTE=Big Kev;501118]Finally got round to sending my 8x56 IR away for repair, anyone out there had cause to send their Docter scope back to Germany for repair if so what kind of service can I expect ?.[/QUOTE

    I sent mine back for service-check last year Harald Rhos who has the service contract for Docter did a great job free of charge and turn around of less than 4 weeks they honoured the 30 year warranty.

    I sent mine to Docter direct missing out the Importers with no problems.
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    I need to send my 8-25-50 back also .
    Do you have the full mailing address deatails for docter optics
    Regards Craig

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    Mines due to be looked at also. I originally bought it from continental shooting supplies at north ayreshire and was thinking of giving them a ring as they were the main sellers for a long while.
    Who has noticed that some specks of internal paint have come adrift and can be seen on the ocular lense when looked at from about 10 inches away? mine's the 8x56ir
    and although you dont see it when viewing an object in the scope i know it's there and it bugs the hell outta me! Also need a new turret cap as i lost one and have a donor off an old hawke scope in its place.

    I too would appreciate the address to send to if i get no joy from north ayreshire



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    Service address
    Gerate-Service &Montage
    Harald Ros
    Coburger Strasse 71
    98673 Eisfeld
    email tel 0049/3686-615928

    Hope thats of some help

    Cost me about 60 for carriage
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    Bought mine from a local gun and tackle dealer who had it supplied by Deben who are not Docter agents anymore, so they wanted nothing to do with the warranty claim & sent me to RUAG who are the current agents who said we didn't sell you it go back to Deben, bunch of w-----s, guess I won't be buying them again derictly or indirecly

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    I sent my scope directly to Harald Ros, details as above. They honoured the guarantee as there was a fault in the scope, which was almost new, but the turnaround time was poor. I actually bought another scope from someone on this site to see me through.
    i did not think their communication was good, but the job was done.

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    I can only state what happened when I sent mine last year I purchased mine second hand off of here and there was a fault with tracking on mounting zeroing the scope so contacted susan adam directly at Docter gave her the serial number and brief explanation of what was what and she got back to me within 2 hrs saying to contact Harald Rhos and with details of when the scope would be sent which I did, it cost me 18.00 RMSD and was in germany 3 days later which was confirmed by Mr Harald Rhos by email after 2 weeks I contacted them again and was told it would be back with me shortly which it was in fact 4 weeks turn around, which I thought was a top class service with excellent communications from the outsett, I was not charged for return postage.

    My advice would be to contact Susan Adam (Docter Optic) firstly and let her inform Harald Rhos and send it directly to him RUAG might be the importers but they don't seem to be doing much for the sales over here I think Docter scopes are up there with the other brands but are not being helped by not having a decent importer backing them up.
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