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Thread: .22 K Hornet. With dies and cases.

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    .22 K Hornet. With dies and cases.

    Attachment 23235Attachment 23236I'm putting up my loved .22 k Hornet as I wish to up grade to another of the same calibre.

    .22 k Hornet.
    Stevens Falling Block.

    I have owned this rifle for a couple of years, the k Hornet was the first ever wild cat round developed in the early part of the century. It is a blown out hornet case. It is a sweet little rifle perfect for hares and foxes. Super gun for in the truck or a walk round. There's no recoil and accurate.
    It comes with dies and brass for reloading.
    Reluctant sale but I've seen a stunning brake barrel I just got to have.

    The price 300. All in.
    you are welcome to try before you buy.

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    I,ve seen this rifle in action, and its very accurate indeed.

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    Hi. Did you ever sell this? Quite interested (but will need to put in a variation). Please drop me an email if still for sale. Thanks.

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