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Thread: .243 bore quide

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    .243 bore quide

    Hi guys ,I"m after a bore guide for a .243 Sako,Can anyone recommend one? and where i can purchase it from.
    Atb John.

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    I had a Stoney Point guide when I had my Sako 75 and got a thinner collar for it, however I would now recommend contacting Davie at -
    Cleaning Rod Guides, the Shooting SHED
    I am sure he will sort you out. Regards JCS

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    Reloading solutions. Tell them action and calibre there about 15 pound

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    You can make your own it s not difficult. There was a thread about it on here not so long ago. Total price I think came to 17p.

    30-06 case?

    Heres the thread.

    Sorry I got the price wrong 18p Opps.
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    Thanks guys for the help.Im going to take Jcs advice and get in touch with the shooting shed.
    Atb John.

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