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Thread: Skull mounting

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    Skull mounting

    Hi. I've 2 roe skulls in the freezer , can anybody tell me what it would cost to have them mounted ? They ain't huge but they were taken my me and I'd like to show them off

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    If you want to do it yourself I'm sure that I only paid around 30 for my jig then all you need is a shield and you can do as many as you want!!! If you were closer id give you a shot of mine.

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    Bushwear doing the roe-jig for 15 in the sale at the moment!

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    I guess a taxidermist would be about 45-50 pound on a shield , to be honest there not that difficult.

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    ive got a jig , just dont know where to start, ive been looking through youtube tho

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    Be generous with your first cut and take it steady. Leave some margin for error, you can tidy up on a sanding disc/belt afterwards. I wouldn't pay to get a skull mounted when it's so easy and cheap to do yourself.
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    If you've got a jig you should be fine. Defrost!! Skin the skull and cut off the excess meat, remove the jaw.

    Decide what cut you want the pic here should help give you the line to look for:

    Set you jig and tighten, I cut before boiling but others may do it differently, remove brain and other rubbish as best you can, boil for about 30 - 40 mins (every one is different).

    Use a knife to scrape off any gunk (keep the skull wet by dipping in the water), power wash, bleach and leave in the sun, if you're lucky to ever see it, and it's sorted.

    Sometimes if you boil too long the end of the nose can fall off, if this happens find the bits in your pan, bleach and leave to dry with the skull then use superglue to sort it out after. As the glue dries you won't really notice it.

    Depending on the cut you can use clamp or I sometimes use screws to fix it to the board. Where I've struggled before a bit off grab adhesive squeezed into the brain cavity and put a screw through it when set.

    Im sure there will be others with different methods but this has worked for me. Then again some SD member near you may agree to help you !!

    Edited to add: apologies if you knew the rest but will save you another question if you weren't sure!!
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    If youre up my way at all i will be more thn happy to do it with you

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    The going rate over here seems to about 200 Danish kroner which is about 21, and the bloke who's done the last two even includes a hardwood shield as well (though most other places expect you to supply the shield).

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    I recently did a murder buck that turned out quite well. Very easy as long as you take a bit of care, and as mentioned as belt sander can even up a ragged cut. I used epoxy to glue in a block of wood, then drilled & screwed through the shield into that

    Click image for larger version. 

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