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Thread: Holiday cott for easter

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    Cool Holiday cott for easter

    Has anyone got or have a recommendation for a holiday cottage for Easter break.

    wish list

    6 folk

    no Internet or mobile reception

    No need for sport, although an area for the boys to knock over a tin with an air gun would be good

    no need to be completely remote but would be a plus

    GOOD caravan would be considered, beach would be a plus but so would a heated swimming pool

    area - north Scotland or the UK

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    Apparently, North Scotland still being in the UK, your "or" might suggest....

    Wales is nice........


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    Roestalker's accommodation (Greenlee Deer) can take 6 (3x doubles/twins) REALLY good quality + he has the range out the back (10 - 300m) and plenty of nice stuff near by.. Might be booked though, also not sure whether he does booking for that length of time.... No phone reception on orange or O2 limited on Voda and about as remote as you can get south of the Forth/Clyde.

    Spent a long weekend up there with a mate from the army and a pilot he owed a favour to...

    Ended up putting 250rnds through the 10/22 at some Edgar brothers exploding targets on the range, couple of stalks for the pilot, and much drink and food - and long walks to the pub at once brewed.... They were certainly shorter on the way back .

    Great weekend.

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    Have a look at wheelwrights in elterwater they have some nice ones

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    OK, it isn't in Scotland but John's place is remote.

    OSS32, why would you ever be able to want to walk back from that pub!


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    I'm a big fan of not sleeping in ditches....

    I'm also a big fan of not smoking, not looking like a pikey, not being online after midnight, not spending money on rifles-beer-hangovers.... Unfortunately I'm completely unable to avoid these things; such is life!

    Twice brewed is up for sale at the mo apparently... Fantastic escape business for someone... I think they want quite a lot for it though.
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    The "hint" is why it's up for sale.

    Clientele are all campers who only want the women to use the dumper.


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    If you want somewhere on the Isle of Wight:-

    atb Tim

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    If you fancy North Wales, try NEFYN HOLIDAYS: Self Catering Holiday Cottages on the Lleyn Peninsula and in Snowdonia, North Wales
    They've got some nice places in Snowdonia and Pen Llyn on their books.
    We know the folk quite well, and my missus does their paperwork for them sometimes, so I can probably find out a bit more about each property than what's listed in the brochure, such as whether there's internet or 'phone coverage.
    And if you're in the area your boys would be welcome to set up a temporary airgun range here.

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    Try Dahl cottage, loch etive.?. Now it is years since I was on Ardchattan, google bonawe, follow the arcdchattan side up towards glencoe. Lovely setting. It used to be May at Ardachy that dealt with that side of the estate but probably done through the atholl estates office now if it is still let. Picture makes it appear still up and running. Jim

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