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Thread: We're to buy feeders

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    We're to buy feeders

    I am looking for either cheap ish auto feeders. in America 27 on eBay but in uk cant find any less than 60 in the uk or any other way to knock some up cheap

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    you should be able to knock your own up from water barrel and spring feeders for less than 25

    Heavy Duty Spiral Pheasant Feeder Springs High Qualitity Weld and Socket | eBay 3

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    I've seen someone either on here or pigeon watch mate selling the blue drums with screw tops for about 3 quid each. Fit some legs and those springs and you're sorted for aabout a tenner a feeder,


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    Accu Feed Automatic Feeder Kit : Feeder Accessories & Spares, Automatic Feeders | Solway Feeders

    Think he means the automatic one like in the above link... If you find any for much cheaper let me know.

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    Blimey not many syndicate shoots have that sort of dough to throw at feeders I bet!!

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    I got one from Solway Feeders last year and its been just the job,I put some small gauge chicken wire around base
    of feeder as little birds like tits and nutatch soon empty the spin pan!!

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    I would like some of the tubs with the screw lids if anyone knows where to get them? They want 23 on eBay for phesent feeders, I can make the legs myself and I have the springs. Need about 12 of them.

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