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Thread: steyr manlicher classic half stock 308

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    steyr manlicher classic half stock 308

    I am selling my 308 which has shot only 200 rounds. it is the classic half stock version and is screw cut. It comes with 30 mm leupold mounts which would take a 56mm scope.
    will try and post some pics soon but if interested pm me and I can email them to you as having trouble uploading them.
    I am selling it because I have bought a sako and need to make space in my gun cabinet.
    would cost 1400 new from SGC selling for 700.
    FTF or RFD.


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    Are you replacing the Steyr .308 with a Sako .308 after only 200 rounds?

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    yep I shoot left handed and although very accurate did not find it as comfortable as the sako.
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    I have one on order, so I'm glad you didn't say "Actually it's rubbish, I can't hit an elephant in a corridor with it"!

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    No it shoots 150gr sst a dream I loaded 43.1 vit n140 at 2.825. Same hole at 100yds.

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    Price drop will accept 625
    will include bushing and thread for wildcat mod but not full mod as I am using it on my other gun
    pm me if interested


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