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Thread: Just bought a jacket

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    Just bought a jacket

    Being a 3xl it is difficult to find a jacket that suits. Can't squeeze to the top end of the market. Saw this and bought one. HSF Selkirk Jacket - Clothing - Gun Shop, Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Air Rifles, Airguns, Gun Trader, Rifle Scopes, Accessories, Cabinets, Safes in Dorset and Devon, UK, Sportsman Gun Centre
    Ordered Sunday, here today so that is not bad. Tried it on, great fit nice and loose, deep cartridge pockets. Works well with gun mount. One thing is a sticky zip but that will ease with use. Nice shooting jacket, massive saving now to see if the 100_% claim is good too. Jim

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    Great shop brought stuff there myself if your ever down that way its a must visit good luck with the jacket Steve

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    If it helps jimbo the have got HSF stealth camo trousers in XXXL for 11.63 + vat. Just got a couple of pairs for knockabout and they seem very good.

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    do they do matching trousers to, how does the jacket compare to the likes of deerhunter
    whats it like in the rain to

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