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Thread: Stainless rifles - spook deer?

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    Stainless rifles - spook deer?

    I've just bought my first stainless/synthetic rifle from Sussexfallow of these forums. A Sako 85 in .308 which I'm looking forward to using on the hinds and does. To my eye, the stainless barrel is very visible and stands out in the woodland surroundings. Is this a legitimate concern? I know plenty of stainless rifles do the job every day, but just wanted to check whether anyone else had any observations from the field.

    Thanks in advance.

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    had stainless for years and never had a problem,I think you have more to worry about if you havnt got your face and hands covered

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    Deer will only notice movement, you could stalk them in high vis clothing and as long as you do not move when they look in your dierection they will take no notice of you. In Germany it is law to wear high vis clothing not only for the beaters but also standing guns whilst on boar/deer drives. The gerneral rule there is you freeze when you see game untill you take a shot.
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    Just another shade of satin finished grey to a deer and probably a lot less noticeable than a shiny black/blued one!!!!!

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    I for one wouldn't be taking a shiney stainless barrel out in the blaring sun either on safari or US backgrountry where glare can be seen for miles, or even for stags on big highland ground on a sunny late summer/early autumn day. if it's bead blasted I'm sure it doesn't matter, but if it can create glare, that may ( I say 'may') be an issue in the off-chance. I guess there's a reason why in the west they stalk with the sun in their backs!

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    Will make no difference at all, the reason for stalking with the sun at your back is its not in your eyes and the pigeon, deer or whatever you are stalking have to look into the sun which may reduce there visibility. Obviously if the wind is at your back as well you may need to stalk into the sun, or do they only stalk in the west when the wind is blowing towards the sun.

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    well said, like a sore thumb

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    Movement of more natural coloured things will not spook deer as the wind blows stuff around them all the time. But when a shiny object suddenly moves against a dark background then I would imagine deer may well give it a longer and harder look.

    I have a Sako stainless varmint with a fluted barrel and I must say that the finish on it is a lot brighter than other custom barrels I have used which appear far darker with a matt finish. I have been toying with the idea of having it coated in a darker and dull finish as well.

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