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Thread: Saving your hide

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    Saving your hide

    Some time ago somebody on the site asked about tanning hide?
    Fortunately I have a wife who files everything I show an interest in, and low and behold, when I spoke to her about an article written in the Shooting Times last year and that I wished I had kept it, she said look in your Deer folder.(didn't know I had one)
    So if you want, the company is Fenland Sheepskin Co Ltd, Bridgewater, Somerset.TA6 5LN. or www.fenland-sheepskin .co .uk. tel 01278 427586
    Apparently last year they were charging approx 20 or so for Roe and 27 for Red.

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    Excellent news. I live in Bridgwater and didn`t know the place existed.
    I`ll be tracking them down in tghe morning.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Thanks Robin

    I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago looking for this very company.

    Just need to get a skin worth keeping now



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    Heartfelt thanks to your wife - be sure to pass on our appreciation of her 'filing' abilities!

    I am another on the list that read the article, then promptly lost the reference.

    Now firmly added to favourites - the link did not work for me, but found them here:

    Rgds Ian

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