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Thread: wolf shooting

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    wolf shooting

    as the title iam looking for some info on shooting wolves if the is any that can be recomended

    cheer yozzer1982

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    talk to the Ruskies, they'll even pay you for it ;-) LOL

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    British Columbia Canada, Google it.

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    There are a few firms that do it in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria etc. 3 years ago on a boar hunt in Bulgaria I had 3 come past on the first drive of the first day, within 20 yards! Before hand we had been led to believe it would be 400euros to shoot one, which I couldn't afford, so left them for another day. After the drive we were told all predators were to be shot on sight free of charge, I kick myself every single time I think about it! Ouch, there I go again!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    lol, and all that haunts me was the tree blasting

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    Montana, i think the tag will be reduced in price this year, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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    i have found some outfitters one in alsaka and one in russia alaska is the best part of $10000 and the russion one is $5000 for a 6 day hunt all a bit pricey for me if any one knows a weba dress for any out fitters it would be gratefull cheers

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    If you want a European wolf, Athina Hunting Tours is running a couple of wolf hunts in Estonia in early December 2013 - these will be a combination of flag-hunts and tower hunts over blood/offal trail baits. December is the best time because that's when they have the first snow falls and it's possible to check on the wolves's movements in a given area by the new tracks.

    Prices look like it will be around 1,800 - 1,900 for a 1:1 five day trip/ 3 day hunt, including one wolf trophy fee, full-board accomodation and hunting permits. Flights with Easyjet are around 100 rtn from Gatwick, plus about 50 for a rifle flight case. Should have firm details and prices in a couple of weeks. European lynx and Eoropean brown bear permits are available too, although 5-6 days of hunting are needed for these and the trophy fees are around 1,500 and 3,500 respectively.

    Speak to Kiri at info@athinahunting and he'll sort you out.



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    I can arrange wolf hunts in europe if required.
    regards john

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    I know it's nothing to do with the thread but, I just couldn't bring myself to shoot one for sport..... If I ever find myself in the Rockies fighting for survival and it was a case of them or me-that's another story....

    ....although I don't hold it against another for doing so....!

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