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Thread: Load for RL15 Powder

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    Load for RL15 Powder

    Does anybody have a load for RL15 Powder and Nossler 125g Spitzer bullets in 308 cal?

    Any help would be appreciated

    Cheers Von

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    Google Alliant powders, their Site has a load guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Google Alliant powders, their Site has a load guide
    Tried it mate, nothing their for my combo.

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    It has got a recipe for a 125 grn bullet
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    I don't have data for the nosler 125 and RL15, but I have data for the Speer 125 gr tnt hp and RL15. This is from their latest manual; IMI commercial cases ,cci 200 lr primers and 22inch barrel. Starting load 46 gr at 2756 fps, max 50.0 at 3062 ( compressed load ) I dont like switching loads from one bullet to the other but if you start with the lower loading and carefully work you're way up you should be ok.Sorry if I sound condescending but I dont know how experienced you are at reloading lol
    Good luck AB

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    Thanks AB, no way condescending, just giving some good advice!!

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