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Thread: Which Forces Issue AOLQ?

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    Which Forces Issue AOLQ?

    I thought it might be interesting to see just how many county forces are now issuing AOLQ.
    I will start, Northants now issue AOLQ.


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    At my recent renewal I had no end of problems because I wanted Wild Boar added on my ticket as I wish to go and do some hunting.
    "No" came the reply as you haven't booked anywhere
    After I got my license I was socially speaking to the FEO and asked him about AOLQ
    "We'll put it on if you ask us" was his reply
    "Then why don't you just put it on at renewal?"
    "Don't know" he said
    Dorset do do AOLQ make sure you ask and then they can cut down their horrendous waiting time
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    Just put the phone down with my local FEO and he informed me that it's now a directive from the Home Office nationally, if that's the case it could be an outbreak of common sense at last.

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    Manchester seem to do it from time to time.

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    MET are a No. I wanted Boar on my ticket. They told me they would only put it on if I could prove I had Boar on my ground. I said "put boar on my ticket and I'll prove to you that I have boar". Sadly they didn't go for it.

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    As posted before, Staffordshire a NO.

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    Leicestershire do. I read all these moans about various police forces, especially Staffordshire, and do wonder why those concerend do not now write to the elected Police Commissioner of that force area.

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