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Thread: hunting load for 6.5x284

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    hunting load for 6.5x284

    just had a stiller predator action barrelled in 6.5x284.with 24 " kriegar barrel 1/8 twist.
    have some bergar 140gr vld. but because of barrel life dont want to waste 100s of rounds looking for load..
    most of the data you find is for 26-28"barrels .dont know what realistic velocitys wil be and what powder to start with.
    greatful for any advice


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    Could try Redmist but he mainly uses TSX I think

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    Great round get the 140 A-Max they are great loaded over H4350 with 48g & a cci-br primmer hope this helpshelps.

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    Hornady 140grain Interlock and SST, over Vihtavuori N160 give very good performance on deer and vermin in my six 'na half tu-adeyfour. 24", six groove, Border barreled and same twist as you. MV's with my loads in my rifle run in the 2900-2950 fps range.

    I've still to try N170 but I would interested to see if it offers any benefit.

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    I use 129 grain SST, over 54.5 grains of Vitavuori N560, federal GM 210M primers, MV is 2885 fps in a 20" barrel, cloverleaf group.


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