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Thread: .243 Ackley Border Barrel

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    .243 Ackley Border Barrel

    I have finaly managed to get my camera sorted out and get some pics sorted out.

    It started life as a standard rem 700 now it has a PSS stock, Timney trigger, Mag conversion, 22 inch Border Archer .243 Ackley Barrel, T8 Moderator, Soko Extractor Bolt Modification, IOR 6-24x50 Tactical scope

    Whilst fire forming I managed to get some 1/2 inch groups at 100m with 6 rounds, I had 10 of 50 rounds that wouldn't chamber atall? Other wise I am quite pleased with it to start with. The scope is good low light and the iluminated reticle is great when it starts to get to dark to see the normal reticle.

    I am planning on loading it with 105 Amax, I have Hogdens 414 and vit 160 in at the moment so any loads for the 105grain with either of those powders or any other powder would be apreciated



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    well mate thats a smart bit of kit !!! 8) looks well worth the money , have you had any lick on the bucks yet ??



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    very nice 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5
    well mate thats a smart bit of kit !!! 8) looks well worth the money , have you had any lick on the bucks yet ??



    I have been out a couple of times since I got it back and seen a couple of does but the bucks seem to be in hiding at the moment. It wont last for ever though!!



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    243 Ackley


    Very nice & pretty close to what I am shootin day to day, I have a rem 700 in 243 AI, H&S Kevlar stock, Jewell trigger & a Shillen Match grade heavy barrel.

    I am shooting 105 grain Speer RN hotcore pretty much all the time, I have had it 2 years now & am very happy with it.

    Regards Lee

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    nice compact bit of kit and a half inch grouping does all the talking for it you must be chuffed mate

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    What improvement in speed/effeciency have you logged?~Muir

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    I never ran it through the chrono before so wont be able to comment on efficency before and after. I am guessing if you want more velocity/power then you will need to put more powder in so no increase in effficency.

    I will run it through the chrono once I get some fire formed loads sorted out




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    I will be very interested in the results. Ackley Improved cartridges have been an interest if mine for a very long time. In my early days in New Mexico I used to correspond with Parker Ackley when he was in Trinidad, Colorado, a couple of hundred miles up the road. We had many heated debates (but not over the "Ackley Improved" cases) and he was an interesting guy.

    I have owned several Ackley chamberings and still own one, a 30-06IMP that I wouldn't have bought except that it is a desirable rifle onto which someone failed to re-stamp "IMP" on the barrel. It was some years before I actually fired it. Imagine my surprise when those square shouldered cases rolled off of the bolt face!

    You're right about effeciency. It's not there. I never got a smidge more velocity unless it was a rebarreling with a very long tube and that makes sense: If you increase case capacity, the same amount of powder that gave X velocity at Y pressures will now give less of each. You must now add powder to reach X and Y again. If pressures were already at SAAMI maximum to begin with, where do you go from there? Barrel length will give you a bit more velocity.

    One of the most radical "improved" cases was the 300 Weatherby Magnum, which is a 300 H&H blown out square at the shoulders . A fellow doing a study of cartridge effeciency a few years back pointed out that the case capacity increased 13% but the actual velocity increase was just under 4%. That isn't much of a trade off. Even Ackley realized that.

    Still though, an accurate rifle is an accurate rifle. My 220 Swift IMP was screamingly accurate and I have missed that rifle at times. Your rifle looks to be a keeper. A Sweet rig by anybody's standards.~Muir

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    I am getting 3200fps with 95 grain SST and 42 grains of vit 160
    3000fps with 105 AMAX and 43 grains of 160

    no presure signs on either load


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