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Thread: vertical sights

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    vertical sights

    just read a clip in shooting times about how to check telescopic sights are vertical and in line with the rifles bore. ive always set the rifle as level as i can and put up a plumb line or used a know upright to check the scope is vertical.

    well the wife is out so i thought i would have a play with the air rifle. i followed the instuctions in the artical and it turns out that my scope appears to not be vertical

    the instuctions were. at 50 yards. take a three shot group. adjust scope to shoot 2 inch high. take 3 shots. adjust 2 inch right. take 3 shot group. adjust 2 inch down. take 3 shot group. adjust 2 inch left take a 3 shot group.

    well i can only shoot 18 yards in the garden and adjusted by 20 clicks but ive ended up with a square of sorts. the fact is its not quite square. so which way do i move my scope to level it or which way do you guys check your scope set up

    Attachment 23285

    as you can see started bottom left corner. adjust up and it seems straight. adjust right and it rises slightly. adjust down it moves right slightly. adjust left back to the start and it comes down. pleased with the six shot group though

    regards pete

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    I would say from that group the scope needs to be turned clockwise a little.

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    thank you woodmaster. had been thinking about it but was going round and round in circles. just out of interest how do you check your scope is upright

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    i sit/prop rifle on kitchen table and lline the vertical roughly up the corner off wall which should be plumbish (hopefully) or try and get vert on wall/window/door style and get the horz catching the other wall/ceiling join or top off door. But to be honest i'm not that paticular really, if there or there abots good enough for me.

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    Since I'm not a paper shooter other than for load development and the occasional need to hear some loud bangs if I haven't been able to get out on live targets I don't worry too much. I generally place the rifle in a stand on a level surface and with scope on low mag look through and check vertical line runs through center of muzzle and center of bolt. If it does this it's near enough for me.
    Not very scientific I know but I don't seem to miss all that often. That is so long as it's a bl**dy great deer standing in front of me.
    Glad to be of help.

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    with you on the occasional need to hear loud bangs. as said ive always set up rifle as level and sighted through scope to line up cross hairs with a window egde or door but thought i would give this method a go.

    just out of interest i was out just getting used to the air rifle as its new to me. it is sighted in smack on at 18 yards in the garden but was shooting left at 25 and 35 yards. do you think this is due to scope being off centre. i adjusted to be in line at 25 and back in the garden it shoots right.

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    All I ever do is set the rifle level fir scope and level the scope with a small spirit level.
    If after that it looks wrong, and won't shoot a box it goes back, simple really, touch wood never had a problem.


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    Don't know what caliber it is but I would guess you getting a little wind drift at 25-35 yds, especially on .177. In the garden is probable alot more sheltered, and a good deal less range. It's easy to for get the effects of drift on a small pellet traveling pretty slow when compared to a CF bullet. I would suggest you zero at 30 yds it should then be fine at anything from 10yds out to 35.

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    thank you wood yes it was fairly still wind wise but not as stable as shooting at home. its a hw 100 in .177. stupidly accurate and quiet.

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    Hope you manage to find a few bunnies to stalk up on. They all seem to have drowned round here. Or they have just taken to hibernating. I've got a FX Cyclone which I love but it's got a seal gone at the moment. Must get it fixed as it's great fun.

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