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Thread: Calling Sika.

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    Calling Sika.

    Does anyone on here have any luck with calling Sika stags? I ask cause i want to have a go calling some this season and cannot find anyone local who is willing to let thier secrets go.

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    ive had sucess with using the following call from Bushwear,
    Buttolo Double Reed Deer Call
    You can adjust the call to get the pitch right for calling Sika.

    When calling i would give two to three blasts, dont overuse it, if theres a stag in the area he should respond fairly quickly.

    Be careful when calling they tend to come in very quick and very agressive, i watched a friend call one last season from approx 600 yards on the hill, the stag turned to the call and ran straight towards us and stopped at approx 100 yards and was shot.

    Hope this helps

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    I have called many stags in the rut over the past years.

    One of the best calls is an Acme Predator call, although you need to practice a bit to get it right. The other more expensive option is a Screree Elk call, they retail at about 25, although again you will need to practice, but I never did get on very well with these calls.

    It is true what Wicklow202 has said, they can come in aggresively, and usually through dense cover and not through an open area. Vrey often I have had them appear almost on the end of the barrel at 30yds. You must be ready as they will not give you much of a chance they are very cunning deer, and can carry a shot like no other British deer species.

    Good luck


    PS Sorry about using the Admin route, computer has died at home office

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    I use the screery and have had good results with it. I find the secret is to reduce the gap on the mouthpiece this varies the pitch enough to get a noise that ROUGHLY resembles a Sika stag. This photo shows how it is when you buy it, you can either wrap some fishing line / cotton whatever you like to clamp it up a bit, I just clench it between my teeth and blow.

    Mind you when the rut is on they never seem too fussed about about if you are singing in tune or not, usually the three note chorus, any key, will do the trick. Lots of people use all sorts of things with the squeakers from kids toys being favourite. I am hoping to get my hands on one for this years rut, I have only heard it down the phone but it sounded good, I shall post when I get it.


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    It would be interesting to hear/see someone calling sika.
    Maybe someone could upload any video?


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    I have used the Sceerey for the last 2 years in the rut without any joy. I am sure I am doing something wrong. Both years I have had them whistling in the trees and last year I had one in front of me and it sounded like a stag either side of me further up and down the valley but the screerey didn't seem to work.

    I am going to a spot about 12 miles up the valley this year where it is the epicenter of the Dawyck bloodline and the guy I am with uses a sceerey with success so I am looking forward to seeing how it is done.

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    I have used the skeery for at least the last 5 years.

    I have accounted for over 100 animals myself and guided nearly twice that amount of stalkers successfully on to a Sika by using this call.

    It is so effective you could liken it to taking sweets from a child.

    I think I paid $15 for the last one I bought.

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    As said above by malk and John the screery is very good, I know we don't "bum" about deer shot etc, here but I was the one who started using the screery here for sika.

    One other method that can be used in the rut and to stop hinds is to mimic the calve which is the 1st method we [fc Rangers in Argyll/Kintyre in the early 90's] used before finding the screery, I 1st heard it when over hunting elk in Canada.

    In the first season of calling we trebled our stag cull.

    It takes a bit of practice and knowledge of the ground but persivere and it is great fun.

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    i have been using the screery now for a good few years ,when the rut is red hot stags will run at full speed to the call.
    i have video of stags coming into a few yards using it.

    i would use it if the client is not so nimble when we have a good rest or vantage point or to stop a animal.

    the trick with it is not to over use it and dont sound bigger than than the animal your hunting.

    i shot a very old 10 point sika a few years ago with a call ,he was running flat out to me late one eve i necked him at close range .
    he was a gold and measured 293 cic points. third highest recorded in eire.

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    i have video of stags coming into a few yards using it.
    Can we see it, please?

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