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Thread: Negrini - "Take a Bow" (Sauer take-down Rifle case)

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    Negrini - "Take a Bow" (Sauer take-down Rifle case)

    Felt obliged to acknowledge the excellent service i received from Negrini Rifle cases (Italy). I purchased a quality used Sauer take-down case out of the classifieds on here. The lad was quite honest, although in good "Nick", combination lock working fine, unfortuantly no keys for the other two locks. Made a few enquirys to no avail, tried a few of the Sauer import guys, sadly didnt even get a response. I wont name name's, but appears unless you are spending or there is a promise of spending a few "Bob", they didnt appear to want to know. Jason whom sold me the case, did his best to help and mailed a few contacts, one being Negrini, whom i belive produce these on behalf of Sauer.

    Combination lock fine for Uk travel, but how would would it be viewed by Airport security if i was not in a position to utlise all the three locks on the case?.

    Cutting to the chase, my email was duly recieved by Negrini, and a lovely helpful lady made contact and merely requested that I mail over a photo of the lock and my address details etc. A day or so later I received a email that she had identified the lock and that a couple of keys were in the post Free of charge. Francesca concluded her mail wishing me and my family All the very best & season greetings.

    Credit were credits due, obviously there was never likely to be much in it for Negrini, however I cannot fault there prompt response and assistance all free of charge. Sauer if Francesca's customer service is anything to go by, you have chosen a great partner there, hopefully someone associated with Sauer will read this short testimonial, that said I intend to send a copy directly to Sauer just so they know what a great partner they have.

    All that is now needed now is too book the trip, give the case a run out and get a little dirt & mud on it. Whilst i was pondering that thought, up on the screen popped the trailer for David Attenborough's latest epic series Africa!! A sign maybe Mmm !! Click image for larger version. 

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    Ps; The thumbnail is not the right case, I'm just to "Thick" to suss out how to remove it !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenhillstairs View Post
    Ps; The thumbnail is not the right case, I'm just to "Thick" to suss out how to remove it !!
    No, the thumbnail is mine!

    Nice case BTW

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    HaHa!! Rarms, Please be assured, I wasn't doing a spot of "Poaching". I was very impressed by your case, saved your photo in a bid to replicate something similar, saved the two jpg's similar names (Doooh). The Sauer takedown case then came up 4 sale in the classifieds at around the same time, this was more suited to my requirements, so my DIY job went on the back burner. Ironically however I did eventually get round to doing something, ableit not quite, lets say as "Polished" as your effort. I've just started a thread on the same, there is a picture on here. With regards the thumbnail, perhaps one of the moderators would be so kind as to remove it in due course,after 25mins of trying I gave up. They do say however that "Copying is the highest form of flattery", Still You wouldn't want me on the ground next door to You, would You Haha !!!

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    I take it you mean Garlands ! Asked them about the allen keys for my Sauer, i too got no reply,

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    I take it you mean Garlands ! Asked them about the allen keys for my Sauer, i too got no reply,
    (Ha!! they were one of the two asked Splash, ditto the same !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenhillstairs View Post
    (Ha!! they were one of the two asked Splash, ditto the same !!!
    They smashed parts of my Sauer action up when it went back for fixing under warranty then claimed a jiffy bag was more than adequate! Threatened court action got the money I needed to fix it! And the worst part is they didn't even fix it, just said they had made it a bit better! Ha! As I said on another thread, I will never buy another Sauer as long as Garlands are the importer!

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