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Thread: DIY Aluminium Rifle Case

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    DIY Aluminium Rifle Case

    Here follows details of my newly adapted Rifle case. I've had this about 10yrs now, its a very Solid Aluminium Travel case, its looked after my Rifle & kit well throughout trips to Africa, Hungary & Poland. I have only really a couple of "Bug bear's" with it, one being its a little more bulky then I would prefer. The other is I was always concerned with regards the "Tight" fit of the case on the scope when closed. I've seen a number of similar cases since, most appear made in the same fashion, of which the impact resistant interlocking or "Honeycombe" foam is fitted and packed right up to the top on both sections of the case. After reading Horror stories of "Scope's" losing Zero after heavy jackets stored on them and such like, the tight fit as always left a niggle, could it ever affect the zero? To be honest i dont belive I have ever really had a issue, but its hard to say. I always "Zero" after travelling via plane, on occasion the zero as been out a little, but the permutations are to numerous to lay any blame. I saw a article on here a while back of which a guy had used a "Hot Knife cutter" to sculpture out the foam for a nice recessed snug fit for the rifle and its accesories, bipod, scope, knife, sling etc. I have used one of these knife cutters to make up extra dog slips, if like me you have a few dog's, a few kids and a few "Forgetful" mates,(Can i just borrow this for a wee while) I was always struggling to put my hand on a slip when i really needed one. I had plenty spare climbing rope, these "Hot knife" cutters not only make short work of cutting rope to length, more importantly when cutting they seal the end so no nasty untidy fraying. Once cut to length in conjunction with a short length of glue lined heat shrink, I could knock Dog slips out in no time for Fun. I've since had my fair share of "Free" ale "Knocking" them out for mates & neighbours likewise. Apologie's, digressed a little, the Hand held Hot knife is the perfect tool to sculpture the foam, cutting to the chase a few simple "Heath robinson" carboard templates and in no time you can adapt your case to suit your individual needs. My pictures dont really do it justice,(Off my phone and i'm not very Tecy with photo's)the leather bullet pouch perhaps shows up better then the rifle and bipod, the picture from above really doesnt show the recess very well, not loaded many photos on here, may need to do it again if its not very good.

    Cutting to the chase(pardon the pun) the case now closely's "Snug" without any force, packing it is a doddle, the contents sit "Recessed" in the appointed place and remain there, it looks the "Biz" and in my humble opinion has significantly improved both the look and function. The highest point as you may expect was the Scope, I could have cut out a little deeper to recess the Rifle and scope a little more, however to maintain maximum protection, has You can probably just make out from the photo, I cut out a recess on the other side,hence once the case is closed the two sides come togther perfect and it now literally fits like a glove. I'm probably going to look to "Flog" the case shortly on here, for no other reason as highlighted in another recent thread, I procured off here a 2nd hand take down Sauer 202 case. At nearly 600 New i wasnt going to fork out for a New Un, I got mine at less then half that price 2nd hand and in mint condition out of the classifieds on SD, it just makes travelling that little easier. I have a take down rifle so thought why not start to take more advantage of the same. I have provided a quick link below for anyone interested on the hand held "Hot Knife" cutter i used, it really do's work a treat. For any budding "entrepreneur" i'm sure there is a cottage industry out there customising such cases,be warned however "Loose Lips sink ships", mentioned to a pal over a pint, uve guessed next evening he was there at My back door, Rifle case in tow!! Link and Photo follows for anyone interested.

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    looks good

    With QD scopes why not just pull the scope and hand luggage it for extra peace of mind?

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    Hi Bewsher, to be honest that is useually the case, I have on occasion carried it with me, I have a "Hide" Rucksack i use as "Hand luggage" when travelling. You would think that that must be the safest route for an expensive Scope and the likes, and probably is!! But!!! just a "wee" cautionary tale. Whist sat in Joburg waiting for a connection to Port Elizabeth, a smartly dressed fella sat alongside me on the seating, I am well aware of a small aperture at the top of the rucksack, it is a weak point but that said i am always useually very vigalante. Never once did this guy appear to look my way or towards the bag, he pulled out a newspaper, took his coat off placed it accross his lap and started to read. Something didnt quite feel right, but after a short while I continued chatting with my mate. Eventually the guy got up and walked off without saying a word, it was only on arrival at home did i note my "New" camera missing. I wrecked my brain as too all the points it could have been lifted, the only oppurtunity as far as i can recall was this guy sat a couple of feet away. My thoughts now are the coat over the lap to sheild his "Handy" work. He bided his time and was obviously well accomplished, can never be 100% sure but its the only conclusion i can come to,where ever else i carried by hand by my side and any congested areas paid particular attention. By contrast, when my rifle travels, In the self-same hand lugge is a half roll of strong silver gaffer tape, after any inspection and before it gets handed over, has well as the two locks being secured by key, I wrap the gaffer tape round in three places accross the length of case. I have never experianced any issues at all either with theft or damage(touch wood).Its a tough call nowadays, baggage handlers are scrutinised to hell no doubt with CCTV etc, but i'm afraid as You can imagine so is our Hand luggage. Seasoned Thieves i'm pretty sure are well aware that is the place we all prefer to keep the valuables rather then any case!!
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