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    Smile Rifle safe

    Hi can anyone recommend a good rifle safe for 3 rifles fac and then a bullet safe thanks

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    Sentry and Brattonsound are the two I have experience of, and both seem fine. As for an ammo safe, B&Q and Homebase both do small safes that will do for this use.
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    Brattonsound RD5 would be ideal, you get the depth for your scoped rifles, about 170 depending where you get it and as Harry says Homebase or b&q for your ammo safe
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    Speak to Mereside on here. Wayne is a very busy guy but makes bespoke cabinets. He is also very competitive in the price...

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    charlie i have a 5 gun cabinet going if you need it as i have just made a 12 gun cabinet for myself , atb wayne
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