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    remington 700

    Can anyone shed any light on the best factory load to use for roe for the Remington 700 in 308. We have just purchased one to use as a work horse and although we use nosler 150gn ballistic tips in the estate rifles and get very good results, all 308 sauer’s, the Remington just does not seem to like them. Rather than go through the expense of trying various manufactures I thought I would get your views.

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    I hate to say this but there is just no telling what will shoot best: One Remmy 700 is not like the next. Now if you want suitable hunting accuracy, about any good quality load should work reasonably well.~Muir

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    i use 120gr soft point through my .308 on roe and they are nice and flat shooting and arnt to heavy on the carcase but as muir says it will be trial and error in finding your own load to suit your rifle

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    Try using 150 soft point Fedral siver box, they seam to flatten Roe, Fallow and Reds. Not sure how they wil shoot out of the remington but they produce clover leaf groups out of my sako and my old browning when I had one.

    I've also tried Norma 150 ballistic tips and 150 RWS kone points and they produce nice clover leaf groups at 100m they also make a distinctive thump then they hit the backstop as well (suspect they will be excellent in woodland on Roe but there not cheap). worth giving a few makes of ammo ago.


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