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Thread: Schmidt&Bender Zenith on BSA CF2

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    Schmidt&Bender Zenith on BSA CF2

    Hello, folks.

    I am from Germany and new here. I bought a BSA Cf2 .30-06 and now I am looking for dependable and affordable scope mount. The gun is uncommon in Germany and it is very difficult to get any information about this gun and my gunsmith talks the whole time about the most expensive mount systems (like 400 just for the material). Does anybody know about a one-piece weaver rail made of steel that fit the BSA CF 2? If you could help me I would be really grateful. My first boar was shot with this gun and I really want to keep it.

    Best greetings from Germany

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    Hi there,

    the CF2 accepts the standard Remmington 700 bases, so any weaver bases to fit a 700 series should fit, and thus, any scope rings too. I suggest you call opticswarehouse and discuss your requirements. this is an easy one for you ;-)

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    I thought that the rear and front base dimensions are the same and the space between the mounting screws is also the same. But for an one-piece rail is the action too long. I could be wrong but within my recollention the action of the BSA is even longer than the Rem 700 LA. If not, my problem will not exist anylonger

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