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    new member south west

    hi im new to the forum. i live in somerset and enjoy stalking for roe and sika. has anyone tested the remington 700? i am interested in the .243 calibre and would like some sound, honest advice. i also have a schmidt and bender 8x56 scope for sale from my previous rifle. look forward to some replies.

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    Welcome to the site olivhar 01 saw your intro at 5.30 and thought i would welcome you on board
    Some top guys on here only to willing to share ideas and information with everyone i have already picked up a few tips and ideas
    Just got home popped over to wiltshire tonight to pick up some roe heads a friend done for me, as well as a beer or three.
    I shot a remmy 700 a couple of months ago nice rifle very accurate with b tips but it was in 25.06.
    Do you actualy stalk in wellington or just live there ? some nice looking ground particularly under those hills.
    Didnt get out much with the ferrets last year what with the bad weather and quite a few call outs for fox trouble but hopeing to do a lot more this winter.
    Just bred my best working gill with a sandy hob that seems to do the buisness under ground so heres hopeing for some good kits.

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