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Thread: Teckel wire hair - pin hair or rough

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    Teckel wire hair - pin hair or rough

    Guys I've the opportunity to purchase a wirehair dachshund bitch from a choice of two. They are quite rare down here with fully imported british/american lines. The two bitches in question, one has very smooth hair and I was told will be a pin hair and the other looks quite rough.

    They are not a hunting line but owner tells me the pin hair will require almost no maintenance and for hotter climate down here it will be a better choice.

    What are the pros and cons of the different hairs for hunting and maintenance?
    thanks chuck

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    Hi Chuck,

    we've had wire-haired dachshunds in the family for a long time, both pin hair and rough. Most of them were pin hair though as it's easier to keep clean, easier to spot ticks, etc. Smooth hair is too soft for hunting use. Both rough and pin hair coats are sturdy enough for hunting and tracking work and our dogs have been going through brambles and all sorts of rough terrain. For hotter climate I would go for pin hair.

    Whatever you go for, dachshunds are great little guys, full of character. Good family dogs too.

    Happy hunting,

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    Thanks Gero,
    I put the deposit down today. I've been told she has the most go in the litter. Her father and grand father are australian champions. She has British and American blood in her. Should get her in 2 weeks so I'm looking forward to it. Oh well another teckel to train. With a bit of luck she'll learn from the older one, especially the toilet training

    Cheers chuck

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    Lovely looking pup. Ours was like that when we got her at 8 weeks, now at 8 months she has grown a fine beard and hairy feet and a really nice coat, not wooly at all. Funnily enough she was the only one in the litter with a coat like that the rest were all very hairy.

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    Hi Chuck,

    the pup looks great, lovely colour too. And yes, keep your fingers crossed re toilet training Every dog is different. My grandfather, headkeeper's son on an estate in Silesia, said they bred and always kept 5 or 6 dachshunds of different ages together and they quickly learned from each other, toilet training, hunting and tracking. Enjoy!


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    Spot on Gero. She's already learnt to walk through the cat flap without encouragement to go outside to drink the water and do her business. She's already chewing on a deer hock and worked out how to get up on the sofa.

    Amazing and she's only 8 weeks and been in the house a day. She's getting bullied by the older dog but she's holding her own

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    Lovely looking pup, I'm sure you'll have great fun with her. I'm sure she'll turn the tables with the older dog, ours at the age of 8 months has got 5 GSP's "towing the line!"

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    This dog is a fast learner.

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