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Thread: scope choice

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    scope choice

    just got 9.3x62 on ticket for deer & boar , im trying to sort scope choice out what im looking for [if its possible] is one scope to do highseat, stalking, & driven possibles are duralyt 1.2x5x36, duralyt 2x8x42 , or aimpoint red dot. any advise from the more experianced on sd would be most welcome.


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    It depends on how much of the types of shooting your doing. I would say that for highseats work the aim point sight wouldn't be a great choice, great for driven shooting at closer ranges though. If your using the scope for a mixture of these I would say the 2-8x42 would be the best choice , the reason for this is that the 42mm will give you better light gathering in the lower light of dusk and dawn when your likely to be in the highseats. The 1.2-5x36 would be a good choice if you were doing a reasonable amount of driven shooting where the ranges are a going to be 60m+ as the aim point sights dot will be covering a larger amount of the target past this sort of range and the scope would make shooting at this range more accurate. Happy to discuss this with you if you send me a pm.

    Cheers Jon

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    I bought a duralyt in 1.2-5x36 for a trip to Finland on driven game. The reason I went for it is it works well with both eyes open without one eye seeing things larger than the other which is off putting. At 5x's it seems fine in the woodland environment. I took a fallow at 90 yds from a seat couple weeks back and it was nearly dark. If you remember the size of the pupil is about 7mm then any good glass where the objective divided by the ocular = 7 mm then you are not gong to be able to benefit from any extra light gathered. so 36/5=7.2. if you want a little more magnification for longer shots and not likely to be doing much running game then the 2-8x42 would be a good choice. Or if your budget stretches far enough I think swaro z6 range has a 1.2 -10x50 or something like but they are loads of dosh. I guess though you got the 9.6 for running game not long range.
    I'm real pleased with mine and the dot is very small and brilliant in low light.
    Hope I've been a little help?

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    Have a look at the Zeiss 1.5-6x42 (Classic Diavari).

    I used one recently in Sweden for moose and was very impressed when it was at 1.5, and the 6x power makes it good for high seat and woodland work as well. If you can get it with an illuminated reticle then even better. If I can find a secondhand one then I will likely buy it myself!

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    know the old brain box is going around in circles,i suppose idealy if funds allowed the answer would be 2 scopes 1 for driven, 1 for stalking, without haveing to compromise

    regards steve

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    The best compromise scope is something like a Swaro 1.7-10x42. More than adequate for occasional driiven trip and the 42mm front lens gives up very little for low light high seat work.

    On that subject, I am off to the airport now, heading to Hungary this afternoon...

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    stalking scope with QD mounts, iron sights for boar/driven

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    cd hope you have a good trip you lucky bugger.

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    Either the zeiss or swarovski would be my choice, that and a good set of back-up sights and you'll have a really versatile rig.........especially for around here.

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    I get on well with Leopold scopes, I have 3 and never had any problems. The vxl gives good light and sits as low as a 40mm scope.

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