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Thread: Leatherware/goods makers

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    Leatherware/goods makers

    I'm interested in speaking with any leatherware/goods makers on here that produce top quality items and don't already sell via a main distribution channel.



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    I can heartily recommend the items made by JasonH on here! They're not cheap, but I'll never have to buy any again.

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    Hello fluffy!!

    I've made for/supplied: Purdey of London, Holland & Holland of London, Holland & Holland of New York, Beretta gallery in London, the Hermes brothers, etc.

    Only sell direct from my own website now (Moore Leather) & on a few forums, such as this one; as well as Bisley & the odd game fair, craft show, etc.

    I only hand sew, but I do have access to a clicker press & other machines

    What ya after?

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    I am after Top quality collars for my three CBR's. All in the large to XL sizes?

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    I've had stuff of both Dougster and Saddler and have been very impressed with both makers offerings.

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