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Thread: Thumbhole Stock for CZ452

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    Thumbhole Stock for CZ452

    Thumbhole Laminated Stock for CZ452 ( .17hmr) 75 + 15 p&p = 90

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    any pics please

    Hello mate any chance of some pics please

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    Sorry, I will try to get some posted this week end when slightly more hitec members of my family are around. The stock is in good order with only a very few marks of use on it. I had a 452 for several years and used it a lot. Then I managed to get this stock for it and upgraded it, and was very pleased with it. Unfortunately the barrel wore up soon afterwards, and it was cheaper to get a new 455 than to rebarrel the 452. The magazine is slightly different, so they are not interchangeable without modification. My 455 came with a thumbhole, so the one I want to sell is spare. It does transform the 452 into a really nice bit of kit .

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    Is the stock for the varimint barreled rifle?

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