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Thread: Basc at Scone with the DCS..

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    Basc at Scone with the DCS..

    Its not often I question my loyalty to BASC.
    But today I have just found out that BASC is sharing their marquee with the DCS..
    Never Have I felt so dissapointed that BASC are so far out of touch with its members and could be so insensitive..
    I have sent an e-mail to John Swift expressing my dissapointment with the decision to host a game fair with the DCS in view of their attack on Deer Stalking in Scotland..
    This decision will I am sure damage the reputation of BASC and its members that even I have to take stock of my membership to such an organisation.


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    Should any member wish to make a complaint then here are the e-mail addresses you will need.
    The constitutuion rules that if you make a complaint about a member of staff then there has to be immediate action taken.

    The decision taken by Colin Sheddon to co-host the Scone gamafair with the DCS will in my opinion damage my Membership to BASC and BASC's reputation...

    I have just made a formal complaint to John Swift as a member, and I urge all members to do the same...

    I have stopped short of demanding Colin Sheddon to resign, I think that the AGM will be the opportunity to do that..

    here are the e-mails addrsses.


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    We are not co-hosing DCS on the BASC stand.

    We are hosting the launch of the best Practice guides as supported by BASC, BDS, FC, SGA, DCS and others. The emphasis on this is for voluntaty training by the way!

    Here is a link to the BASC web site that gives more info on the best practice guides:

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    Can you please clarify if BASC is sharing the same marquee with the DCS?


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    My information came from a reliable source,although most of it was duff some of it wasn't.
    Basc are launching best practice along with other organisations,DCS are one of them, but I feel we do need to draw a line in the sand and send them a message.


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    I'd like to point out this has been done several times before at the Scottish game fare over the years .

    I don't know where the loyalty thing is coming from, even had BASC had been sharing a stall with SACS ,BDS, SGA what does it matter, if your a BASC member they have taken your cash your looking for them to do the best for you , at this moment in time from what ive been reading about the Scottish Wildlife & Environment Bill on this site all the above mentioned should all be under the same roof to answer questions on the whys and wherefores, I for one will be asking the questions that i'm interested in by taking copies of the pages with me .

    For me personally loyalty lies in the pay packet at the end of the week .

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    Well i for one am not really surprised and i am not surprised that FC are sharing the same tent we are in no doubt were the DCS ,loyalties lie and that is job creation for there own that will included a few of the top men in the forest enterprise who have helped them push this document through government. I wounder what stand Mr sheddon will stand at or the others that have jumped from BASC TO THE DCS. Best practice is used by every stalker that has passed DMQ Lev 2 and BASC SHOULD BE GIVING DCS A VERBLE BLACK EYE FOR EVEN SUGGESTING THAT DMQ WAS NOT UP TO THE JOB .Then reply with but we don't even know what end to wipe. They might get more than they bargained for when the stalking public get to scone the Scots will not be slow at going forward. I will certainly be looking a few faces out and asking were there loyalties lie.

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    I'm not very happy about this, so I will be calling into the BASC tent to find out more. If anyone wants to have a COLD beer after ranting at the BASC boys, we will be a couple of tents down from them, so call in and say hello.

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    The DCS are not in the BASC tent, as Griff says some of the info given to him was not quite right, never mind, these things happen.

    BASC staff will be on the BASC stand, and if DCS have a stand at the show then I suspect their staff will be on that.

    The fact that a couple of DCS staff used to work for BASC is irrelevent! have you never changed jobs!!

    For those of you that are going I hope you have a great itme.

    best wishes


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    David i have changed a few times in my life but when you move to the opposition then that really is important and don't even try to smooth it over.
    I was talking to a MSP yesterday and asked him about this situation and he said he cant imagine being a member of the labour party and getting paid by the conservatives at the same time. Smell the rose David this is not just changing jobs. This is about the legislation they can pass after using information gathered from the largest shooting organisation in Britain. Many of the DCS spent years gathering info before jumping ship be it DCS OR DI why did they get the jobs in the first place because they had the expertise the DCS NEEDED TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWN FALL OF DEERSTALKING IN SCOTLAND.

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