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Thread: Hi from north shropshire.

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    Hi from north shropshire.

    Hi, just a quick introduction. I'm Phil, fairly new to this forum although do use other forums. My main interest is in shooting rabbits, foxes and pigeons. I have a 22, 17hmr and a 223 aswell as a few shotguns. I'm starting to get into night vision, but still trying to set my rifles up to use the add on effectively.
    I'm looking forward to getting some good advice and banter from this forum and also help with other members questions.
    Best regards,

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    welcome phil. I am new on here to

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    Welcome to you too then! Where abouts in Powys are you?

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    mid wales. near elan valley. where in Shropshire are you from?

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    I was just outside oswestry but have recently moved back to my parents farm near whitchurch. Hoping to buy a house soon, just waiting for the right one to come on the market. Had to sell my last house as part of my divorce, hence being back at my parents! On the plus side though, I'm living on my permission so can get out anytime!!

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    good luck with the house hunting.I moved down from north Scotland 7 years ago.miss the deer shooting but plenty of foxes about where we live. what night vision are you thinking of getting? I have the pulsar digisight on my .222 and my twin uses the ns 200. both Good systems that work well
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    Thanks. I have got a starlight archer, it's a nice bit of kit and impressive as I'm new to night vision. It works really well as a spotter with a good ir laser. Looking to get a leupold vx-III for it to go on though as it doesn't work too well with my fixed mag scopes. I'm told it works well with a VX-III.

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    welcome Phil have you shot any thing with that nv yet? we had 1 after we left you on jims place ian

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    I hear great things about the archer nv but out of my price range. I am about to sell my leopold vx 11 4 x 12 50mm because I have just bought a Zeiss duralyt if your interested. I am going to advertise it on here when I can do so

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    Hi Ian, I've had plenty of bunnies with it so far on the hmr but I'm in the process of swapping my scopes around at the mo. the only scope it works well on is my 4-16 S&B, so I'm moving that onto the .223, and looking at getting a leupold to go on the hmr. It's typical that I've not seen a fox out since I bought it though!

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