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Thread: Fallow Bucks grunting?

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    Fallow Bucks grunting?

    I was sat in a high seat last weekend and a Buck began grunting. It started off with a few odd grunts and developed into a full on rut like session. I have been stalking for about 7 years and have never heard this apart from in the actual rut. We know they are on our permission and often see them when were foxing at different times of the year but never hear them. Any ideas why it would be grunting now?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I have heard grunting fallow at different times other than the rut even with snow on the ground one of natures mysteries eh ,dare say some more informed member will know .

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    ive heard them grunting at other times than the rut , i witnessed one grunting not in rutting season at a pricket so maybe its a domain thing ????

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    Yesterday in Co Sligo while beating woodcock I noticed that a lot of the Fallow rutting stands were freshly scraped.
    Up to a few years ago we used to see a mini red rut in Co Meath in late January into February.The master stag was usually a middling animal with prickets as hangers on. I understood that this was due to the hinds which were not pregnant continuing to cycle until February, when there was a bit of a last hurrah. I'll be back in Sligo next week and will keep an ear open. I did watch juvenile bucks sparring just before Christmas.

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    Thanks guys, i also thought it may be a domain thing.

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    I have another theory on this. There are increasing discoveries of the larger species calves/kids being covered in their first winter, especially fallow and sika. For this to be happening, there must be an element of rutting going on later than at the normal time. These youngsters then go on to give birth later the next summer than normal.
    I did a post on this a while ago:
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    That could by why I'm seeing a lot of antler thrashing at the minute?

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