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Thread: Gold medal roe buck

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    Gold medal roe buck

    Hi guys,

    just wondering if anyone has an idea what the going rate would be to stalk and shoot a gold medal roe up in scotland as a guest on someone else's permission?

    cheers rob

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    Seen as low as 600 up to 2,000.

    Personally I believe people that advertise the lower end of the scale very rarely if ever get golds.

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    waw, didnt realise there was that much money involved. dont no if my xmas prezzie fund will stretch to the top end of the scale right enough lol thanks for the reply eggy

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    you cant plan too shoot a gold but try. but ull definatly have a gd chance of getting one up here in aberdeenshire. if you want a price i know a guy who could help out.

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    Yeah I know you can only try bud, they have to be in the area and you hae to be in te right place at the right time. Although I here there is a good few about Aberdeen and the east coast

    that would be great if you could find out for me Pablo, I'm hopeful to get out and atleast try for one this year, got a few silvers and bronzes so keen to complete the collection

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    Ten years ago it was 250 bronze 350 silver 550 gold time have changed you will get charged per gram 10 pound to 25 over 380 g

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    You getting wound up about this gold again mate , thought you had calmed down with it lol.

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    You cant plan taking a gold head, but if the guide or outfitter knows the ground well he should be able to at least have an idea of what he has available and if it fits in with the management of the ground and be able to offer the opportunity to stalk and possibly harvest the right animal, but to guarantee it would be sticking your neck out slightly.

    I took 3 medal heads, Gold, Silver (confirmed) and a Bronze (unconfirmed) over one weekend last year. The figures quoted are probably within a ball park for Europe, as the gold taken with me was quoted as being 3000 euro to 4000 euro in Estonia however I did not charge the guy as he has sent me a great deal of business over the past year. But I can tell you that my prices are 800 for a Gold head, and 600 for a silver.

    However the comment about the lower end figures meaning little chance of seeing a medal head is unfounded and an odd comment to make. Check out the person you are booking with, we are not all out to make fortunes, but a living.
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    Mj robson is the guy to go to if you want gold medals

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