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Thread: Quality 22rf scope

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    Quality 22rf scope

    Hi Guys,

    Is there any top quality scopes out there to suit a 22lr with subs. I have looked at various euro 6x42 and 8x50,s but due to them being suited for cf rifles there all parallaxed at 100 and at 30 yards the veiw is getting fuzzy. I got a nice burris fullfield 2 4.5-14x42 and its a cracking scope but the obj pa only goes down to 50 yards so for close up work (sub 30 yards) anything above 6 mag starts to go blurry and fuzzy. Dont really want to go down the re-parallaxing road. there for i'm looking for some nice good quality scope with good glass that will parallax down to 10 yards on a decent mag. Any ideas?

    Cheers bob

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    i use a SCHMIDT AND BENDER 6X42 works grate for me on my 22lr

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    any air rifle scope will do the job

    but to be honest a decent 6x42 will be in focus as much at 20 yds as it will at 100yds

    I have a 6x42 Nikko on a centrefire and the last two shots I put through it were at 27yds and 45yds!! don't remember them being blurry!

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    I used a 25 Nikko Sterling 6x40 on both my 22lr and 22WMR and it was cracking from about 20 yards out to 100ish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    Is there any top quality scopes out there to suit a 22lr with subs.
    Most certainly is if you've got the dosh:

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    "In close cooperation with German and British field target shooters Schmidt & Bender developed the 12,5-50x56 Field Target model, the first scope in the world designed especially for this sport and manufactured in serial production. The backlash-free parallax compensation exhaustively tested in our tactical scopes permits an outstanding measuring accuracy between 7 and 70 meters. An optically attractive surface finish in titanium design minimizes the unwelcome heating of the scope through the influence of sunlight. Various field target reticles for the first and second focal plane are available.
    Bullet drop compensation, a sunshade in titanium design and a side wheel are also optionally available."

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    It was something European I was after, maybe a 6x42 would do the trick then, I just thought with the 100 parallax it would b blurry. My s&b 8x56 was blurry when you came closer than about 40 yards. Had a look at te hawkes nikkos Simmons etc and I like there format - focus down to 10 with variable mag, but I was just being a snob and after something with really good glass. Would ideally like a swaro but none of them will focus in close on a high mag

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    Klenchblaize - now that is what I'm talking about, seen a few of these when I used to shoot ft air rifles. Unfortunately that is just slightly out my price range lol

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    I use a swarovski habicht 6x42 on my wee CZ .22lr and its a great combo Boab, never had any probs close range and great under the lamp too.

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    That would b ideal rigboot, is it ok for bunnies at 10-20 yards as well as further out? I have been liking for a 6x42 swaro but they don't make them any more and a mint one seems to b like hens teeth.

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    I have a Leupold VXR 2-7x33 for sale if you want it, it is clear as close as 4 yards and has really nice optics, and its illuminated.


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