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Thread: Havalon Knives

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    Havalon Knives

    I have the following from the havalon knife range for sale, these are great knives with replaceable scalpel like blades.

    Piranta Edge with 12 spare blades and a nylon holster, 39.99 posted.

    Piranta Z with 12 spare blades and a nylon holster, 39.99 posted

    Piranta torch red with 12 spare blades and a nylon holster, 53.99 posted

    Baracuta Blaze with 5 spare blades and a nylon holster 52.59 posted

    please pm me for more info or to order.

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    How much are replacement blades?

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    60A blades that fit piranta torch only are 7.20+post for 12. these are a bit thicker than the standard ones.
    60XT blades fit all piranta knives are 6.00 + post for 12
    baracuta blades are 11.49 +post for 5

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    all pms replied to.

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    Still a few left.

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    I have been sent one of these to trial. I must say they are well thought out.
    I used mine to full gralloch a roe doe earlier this week and it did a super job.
    I will be suggesting these knives to clients who arrive and tell me how sharp their knife is, they have spent "x" amount of time sharpeing it to find its still blunt when it comes to a gralloch.
    It will always have a sharp blade and is easy to clean having a non slip skeletal frame.
    Cheap as chips to. It will reside i my bag as my spare knife now. Can't wait to try it on a mutjac.
    Im having a go next weekend at fallow and muntiies so hopefully wont be long before it sees suuch action.
    As it says on the packaging its not a general fielld knife, but for the job its for it seems a great idea and simple to sharpen.(insert a new blade).
    YDS rating 8-9*

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    Well heres an update.
    Not used this for every deer but have made an effort to trial it.
    Just swapped the blade yesterday to do a buck.
    The old one did x2 roe does x4 munjac bucks and a big fallow buck.
    That's some going.
    You have to be careful not to stress the blade but that's just sensible.
    I must give this product a BIG YDS thumbs up.
    Especially for anyone who struggles to sharpen a stainless blade.
    Great product.

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