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Thread: Muntjac/CWD Hastings?

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    Muntjac/CWD Hastings?


    Last week of March we will spend some holidays near Bexhill/Hastings.
    My wife agreed/accepted one or two days hunting. (Lucky me)
    Since I never have been shooting/seen a muntjac or CWD theese could be of interest.
    I am not looking for big trophees.
    So, if any of You could recommand an local area i would be interested.


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    Hvordan går det DK,

    You may struggle to find your preferred deer around the area you intend visiting.

    You will probably do better if you drive for a bit. Lots to the North of London - an hour or so driving around the M25!

    Best wishes,

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    Lived in Sussex for a while. Plenty of Roe and Fallow. Muntjac are starting to move in to some areas but as Ian says you are better off travelling to a county like Berkshire, Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire for muntjac or Bedfordshire for CWD.
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    Hi, try wings-hunting, great bloke he will sort you out , regards MRlott

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    Thanks for Your reply...


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