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Thread: The Hunter and the Hunted

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    The Hunter and the Hunted

    Heres a battle of wits being fought out in the cold frost of a Highland morning. Both parties making use of available cover! I took this photo this morning, the battleground is my back garden.

    Poor old Buster, stone deaf from too much gunshot, full of aches and stiffness from too many cold dips and days afield, but still as game as they come.


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    Hey JayB. That last paragraph, shouldnt that read Poor old John stone deaf, full of aches and stiffness etc

    Merry Christmas John and Shiela, hope you have a peaceful and joyus day. Slange

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    Malcom, you are of course quite right, well nearly. I can hear better than the dogs but, they can move better than me. Have a nice Christmas down on that Kentish Island.


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