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Thread: Stalking fun shoot part 2 - discussion

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    Stalking fun shoot part 2 - discussion

    As the fun shoot thread has been running nearly a month now, with over 10,000 views, and new submissions are starting to drop off I thought to test the waters to see if anyone was game for another one on a different format? This is not to say you can't keep adding targets to the first one as I understand that people can't always get to their ground on a regular basis.

    My thoughts, just to get the ball rolling, were for a similar format in that you don't shoot any foulers or practise shots. Apache's "black dot of doom" target worked very well the last time and proved more of a challenge than I'd expected so I thought it might be fun to keep it as part of the next version of the fun shoot but maybe extend the range to 200 yards. My thoughts were for 2 shots at the black dot of doom from prone with a bipod (as a maximum) plus 3 shots from sticks (kneeling, sitting, standing as suits you) at 3 standard clay pigeons all at 200 yards, or as near as you can manage on your ground. You post a photo of the black dot target plus the number of clays you hit and the usual "in the spirit of stalking" phrase covers the rules, plus the whole point is to have a bit of fun and the rules are flexible to allow for your ground or circumstances.

    Will anyone be interested in giving it a go?
    Can folks easily shoot at 200 yards on their ground?
    Can everyone interested get a few clays?
    Is this one maybe a little ambitious and might it be better to shoot it at 100 yards?
    Any other suggestions?

    (just for info if this one gets some interest then my plan was to have another next month shot at the black dot with 2 rounds each at 50, 100 and 150 as a starting point for suggestions.)
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    I thought it a really good idea - getting folk to go off and do a specific task, then come back and post up the results. Kind of makes a nice link between the keyboard and the countryside. Also interesting to see the different environments / constraints etc that different folk were working within to achieve the same end.

    Pity a few more didn't contribute to the .22lr fun shoot too, considering the high number of people who say that their .22 is the one gun in the cabinet they'd never be without. However, as soon as my variation drops through the letterbox I'll be able to join in the men's games! So, yes, more threads in a similar vein would be good.

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    It is just for fun so nothing at all to stop you from shooting it at some distance you feel would be the equivalent of a 200 yard full bore shot but with a 22LR if you have one of those. 2 prone at the black dot, 3 off sticks at the clays and job done. I'd love to shoot the 22 fun shoot but don't own a 22 :-)
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