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Thread: Hello from Norway

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    Hello from Norway

    After just looking at the site from time to time I figured it was time to register.

    I'm Norwegian but visit the UK regularly, normally 2-3 times a year. I do both fishing and stalking; my stalking is mainly for roe and foxes. I got myself a beagle last year and spend most weekends training her to be a proper hound barking her lungs out on the fresh trail of deer, hare or fox. I've only stalked in the UK once (muntjac and fallow) and I'm off to Scotland in April for a few days of roe buck stalking. I hope to make stalking trips to the UK more frequent in the future, but (needless to say) prices are far higher at yours than over here.

    My main rifle is a Sako 75 .308w with a Kahles Helia C 2,5-10x50. I'm also waiting for a Remington 700 Tactical .223 which I plan to equip with a Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50. Looking forward to getting that. Other than that I've got a cz 452 .17hmr which I use for target shooting and crows, ducks etc.

    By the way, could anyone tell me how I upload a profile picture?
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome, what part of Norway are you in ??.I used to work over there for a good while. Some cracking areas up north.


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    I live 30 kilometres north of Trondheim, where the airport is.

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    Welcome Morten, I bet your country is just one vast wilderness and absolutely fantastic for stalking! I have always promised a trip to Sweden or Norway for a week of unguided staling and just get lost with a gps, rifle, dog and kit for sleeping rough.

    What do you think the minimum cost would be for such a trip? (unguided)

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    hi and welcome to sd morten

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    Hi Morten and welcome to the site
    I live in Norway now but still enjoy a visit back to my home land of Scotland and I am sure you will enjoy your stalking there in April. Where about are you going to be stalking?
    As you have said stalking is more affordable here in Norway and I have made some very good friends here in Norway all through the passion for hunting

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    Welcome to the addiction Morten!



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    Welcome Morten. Top right corner, click on your profile. You can edit from there.

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    Welcome to the site Morten

    It's great to have another Norwegian based member on board.

    I'm English but based in Oslo, been up to Trondheim a few time as we have family up in Kristiansund and Namsøs

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