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Thread: The WANE Act and SNH's remit

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    The WANE Act and SNH's remit

    I was reading the WANE Act earlier and was reminded that:

    SNH have a remit to "conserve" Scotland's "native" deer.

    However I'm not clear on what SNH's remit requires them to do about non-native deer. Which got me thinking... for instance:

    Among Scotland's Roe population, especially in the central belt, which ones are from "native" lines and which one's are from re-introduced lines?

    Do the "non native" ones require to be exterminated, along with Sika and their hybrids .... and Norman Fallow! ... Or what?

    What is the actual position in respect of these "non-native" deer... re: SNH's remit and policies? Does anyone here know?

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    Very good question Tamus......
    Do we need to see passports before shooting one now
    I would guess and it is only a guess,native deer=roe and red,very good question,I for one don't knowWhether roe are off re-introduced lines or not...
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