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Thread: Help with Blaser mounts

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    Help with Blaser mounts

    I've tried to fit a new set of mounts to my Blaser R8, but when fitted with clips closed etc they are completely loose! I also note they are a different design from the mounts which came with my R8, but both bought from main, but different, Blaser dealers. Is there any further adjustment I am missing with fine star heads on the opposite side to the locking lugs? Do I need a special tool?
    Advice appreciated.

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    You need a Blaser Screwdriver to tighten up the star head.

    Each mount is tuned to fit each barrel perfectly.

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    Yes , take up any slack on the lugs, by adjusting the star screws on the other side of the mount. You will need a fine but broad screwdriver , if you haven't got the blaser one ! I ground one down . The line on the lug should be in line with the barrel when tight.

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    Many thanks guys, I was beginning to suspect as much. I don't live near a dealer so I'll investigate the tool box for the next best tool!

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    Hi Qwerty,
    I was advised to adjust the clamp screws until the little handles need about the same force as the cocking lever needs to operate.



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    A shotgun turnscrew works for me.... probably more of those around than Blaser screwdrivers.


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    I can't find anything in the garage to adjust them. Very annoying. Blasers are supposed to be innovative, but no need to use screw heads that not even B&Q have a driver for!

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    Just grind one down to fit.

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