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Thread: BASC Mag and Ticks

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    BASC Mag and Ticks

    Just had a quick flick through S & C, and they mentioned about Ticks and how to get rid of them. Page 55
    1. Tick remover, O Tom or similar
    2 Frontline Spray
    3 Alcohol, not heard of this one
    4 Vaseline NO NO NO not never They were doing well until then.

    Come on Rebbeca you know better than that.


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    I'm not sure about No.3 either, I drink loads of alcohol and still seem to get ticks!

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    On Dogs.

    If your dog wont allow you the time to remove the tick then the suffocation method is applicable. Better than doing nothing.


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    The suffocation(Vaseline) method will cause the tick to throw up in the dog therefore increasing the risk of Lymes desease


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    Roz over on Shooting Community has posted this clip regarding Lymes and the possible outcome of not removing/removing properly.
    And he knows the Lady well

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