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Thread: First full on track

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    First full on track

    My GWP dog has been showing lots of potential since he passed the 18 month stage. He has been in training on blood trails and also working him on retrieving fox at night. Up until a few weeks back he has never had a full on track. That was until we were out one evening on the edge of a young plantation. Myself and a mate stalked in on a small herd of red hinds. The plan was to take one each and see what happened after that. Anyway we managed to put three down with the last one disappearing into the plantation with what appeared to be a normal chest shot. We decided to deal with the two beasts that were on the edge of the plantation first and then I would work the dog on the third.
    After maybe 20 mins i put the dog onto the point where she stood for the shot and let him work it out for himself. We ended up going through most of the plantation with him stopping every 25-30 yards to indicate to me a blood splatter. There was a good few times I was sure he was taking the mick but then again he would indicate a patch of blood. After approx 700 yards of him weaving back and forth I broke out into a semi small clearing to find him sat beside a dead hind. To say I was pleased would have been an understatement, For sure without him I would never have found this hind.
    For me now when I get home again I want to work on his reporting, had I have lost him that evening I would have liked for him to report somehow where he was.


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    others who are experienced will come along to help but from my very limited time with indy ragging a deer around got her going with the barking i use a bucks head as well to get her to bark , she then progressed on to barking when i asked her to speak but at the moment will only do that in the house on command. she also barked at the first sight of a deer but now understands the difference between stalking and /baying so i am pleased with the way we are progressing . i am also understanding of her which i think was the hard part in the begining, atb wayne
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    Thanks for the reply Wayne,

    I have tried with his speaking but he is a very quite dog. I am going to try with the clicker when i get home and see if i can get him first speaking and then put a command to it. Once out in the field i should be able to command him to speak once he finds the dummy carcass. In theory

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    firstly i forgot to congratulate you its a good feeling when the dog does well, my indi is very quite i couldnt get her to bark until i started with the deer shaking or head shaking ,she now does this with instinct it has given her more confidence . i have a toy stags head and everytime she sees it she goes into baying mode and leaps around like a loon whilst barking ,good luck wayne
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    Yeah its a good feeling, when he tracked a wounded fox one night and for the first time he grabbed hold of the fox to finish it off and when he did it snarled back. My supposed quite dog went off the wall. It was all over within seconds and he went back to Mr quite again


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    Congratulations! Nice feeling having the dog save the day!

    My hound will normally only speak if its alive, quite hard if he decides to latch on which he did to the last muntjac that wasn't quite dead! I have tried to wind him up by shaking the head to make it looks like its alive and it has limited success. I think the answer may be to put a head in a cage at feeding time and let him play! Out of frustration he should bark which can be rewarded.

    It should only be needed if he's been sent in on a runner to bring it to bay as he tracks on a line.

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    Yeah i guess. I never really thought of the head in a cage trick. It will no doubt wind him up to the point of speaking, i can then put a Que to it.

    One thing i do need to sort is when he takes a hold (and he does dead or alive) he goes for the rump area. I have not distracted him form doing this yet as i didn't want to put him off taking a hold all together, i do however feel now its time to try and sort this. How do you guys go about training them to take hold of the neck area ??.


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    You could try letting him rag only the neck and head. Make a small cut and encourage him to lick it and rag that area. Gently discourage ragging anywhere else. You could also make a rag toy with antlers. My old wire was a haunch fiend and was very hard to stop. She would only do this on dead deer as live ones were by the throat or the back of the neck at the atlas joint!

    I think one of the key issues is to spend lots of time at the find site of the deer with the dog and show him how pleased you are at what he's done and doing correctly! It's very easy to rush it in the anticipation of shooting another!

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    Thanks, i will try that with the next Roe i get. I also have just bought a Roe skin already cured so i might try making a fake body to attach it too. That way he can rag it about as much as he likes and a you say encourage the neck only.

    Thanks for the advice, appreciated.


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