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Thread: Factory ammo for .243

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    Factory ammo for .243

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on factory ammo for .243 Whats the best in your opinion?

    I am currently using Federal 100g soft points in my Sako 85, shooting Roe and Fox. Is there a better bullet for the above species, more accurate, flatter shooting, greater knock down at distance etc.

    Would be interested in your thoughts.

    Rgds Bryan

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Hi Bryan

    You could drop down in weight to 95g or 85g as most .243's like the lighter bullets. It will all depend on what you individual rifle likes. My T3 likes pretty much everything I have tried from 80g to 100g.

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    Its still roaming round your head isn't it! You'll go mad I tell you!

    The Sako seems to work well with most things. A lot of people swear by lighter 243 weights and that's an area of debate that has and will roll on and on. Bottom line is to find something that works for you and gives peace of mind.

    Just remember my words on 'the day' - 'these are the bullets you will come back to in a few years time'. Enjoy the process of trying different stuff - just dont get too hung up about it.

    We've some Geco 105 grainers in at the moment that go great - but seem to be one of the rounds ( almost certainly due to weight ) that can be variable in Sako - you're welcome to try a few next time we meet. Perhaps save those for the stags!

    I know Dougster has played around with a few rounds in his Tikka and found one he loves to bits - think it was a lighter Federal. Swears by it, but cannot recall what it was - I tend to tune him out after the first ten minutes of his moaning about me castigating his nose....
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    Lol, I you were right enough Andy. I was just putting out a feeler to see what others are using with their .243 to be honest, get their thoughts on the subject. I clearly remember your's!!!
    I know the 100g are good stoppers for sure but just thinking about distance for fox and still enough to stop Roe in their tracks.

    Anyway how we looking for this time off? I'll give you a call after I get home Tuesday.

    Rgds Bryan

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    105 Geco's did well in my Rem 700 and shot a lot better than Federals (95gr) at twice the price, RWS was a little hit an miss in 96gr but did punch a nice hole in a fox at 250+ yards.

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    I found 75grn Remington Accutips to be very accurate through my T3 varmint, used on roe and foxes. But now reload 75grn V-max.

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    3 shots with the cheap Privi Partisan 100 grainers out of my Tikka T3 at 100 yards when it was sighted in for my 75gr re-loads to impact at 12 o/clock high.
    A Roe or a crow with the same sight setting and a quick bullet changeover.

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    Federal 95g has always performed well in my Blasers . atb Tim

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    hornady 87 grain bthp very very accurate in 243 and stop fallow goooood

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    80g federal work laarverly in my win 70 243, heavier don't group as tight. 105gn geco were like I had been on the beer first!

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