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Thread: Roe Deer Gambrel & S Hook Deal

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    Roe Deer Gambrel & S Hook Deal

    Hi All

    This deal went down well at a recent BDS NW carcass day so will extend to wider forum members.

    Roe Gambrel & Pair "S" Hooks @ £15.00 Delivered


    • 10mm dia stainless steel
    • 8" centres
    • UK manufacture
    • Ideal for Roe, Muntjac or CWD

    "S" Hooks

    • 140mm x 6mm dia stainless steel
    • These are a perfect size to keep in the roe sack or pocket to enable suspended field gralloch.

    More details can be found in the larder equipment section of our website

    Any interest just drop me a pm


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    i will take two sets please .can you give me your bacs details for payment, many thanks kev

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    Thanks Kev - pm sent


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Ill take a set please fella! Could you pm me PayPal detail etc?



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    Any chance of getting the Gambrels made 10" centres ?
    I like my legs held a little bit wider.

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    Everyone to their own Eddie

    I'm with the manufacturer next week to collect some folding gambrels so will ask if he has 10" centre versions, I've got a feeling he has so will get back to you later next week.

    There would obviously be a slight price variation on the deal but I'll keep the price right if they are available.


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I will have a set please. Can you send me payment details please.



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    i,ll take a set please, let me know about payment cheers stav
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    Arrived and look grand Cheers i.
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