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    Harris Bi Pod Stockist


    Can anyone help with the cheapest place to get a harris bipod is please?

    Tilt model (i assume that this is the same as the swivel), 9 - 13 inches is what im after, just wondering if anyone knew of the cheapest place to get them


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    not had a look but sportsman used to be good on price,thats who i got mine off.

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    Try F.A Andersons. They advertise them at a good rate.

    Failing that you could consider the 'copies' that Deben do, they call them the rockmount (or summat like that).



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    BDS website is looking like the cheapest at the moment at about 79 (surprisingly)


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    The copies arent as good from my experience although I am having problems with the real deal too. The nut and bolt that go through the leg keep coming undone and I've lost me nut now

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    Theres also not that great a difference between the prices of the two makes.

    Do it nice or do it twice!


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    What were you after Dan,I have a 12" - 27" non swivel that is not needed,and,I would sell it for 40.00 plus p&p.
    P.M. me if you are interested Dan...........cheers........Martin

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    I've always found Optics Warehouse to be the cheapest. 86.85 delivered as opposed to 92.90 for Uttings. (swivel L 9-13)


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