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Thread: Hi all, I'm new to this site and looking for some advice.

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    Hi all, I'm new to this site and looking for some advice.

    Hi, This is my first post so please bear with me. I haveheld a shotgun licence for the last 25 years and have been a active member ofmy local clay club. I have also used my Shotgun to control vermin on variousfarms. About fifteen years ago I obtained permission on a farm to carry outRabbit shooting, I applied for my part one and bought myself a Ruger 10-22. It has served me well and I have no complaints whatsoever.
    I am currently looking for hunting permission and about 1 year ago, I decided to join my local centre fire club, I have been using the clubs .308 and various other guns up to and including an A.I .338 Lup and my.22rf (100m). I wanted to gain experience with a centre fire before using itfor hunting. I have completed my NRA range course and regularly shoot on thelocal military range. I enjoy the whole target shooting experience but mydesire is to stalk Deer and control foxes.
    I have a couple of questions-1-My licence reminder hasarrived (I didn't apply for a variation to add a rifle, instead choosing to wait for the renewal) I would like a .308 Win/7.62 rifle. Any advice on what to buy?
    I would like a AI, but the cost is a little prohibitive, I'm thinking Remington 700 with Mod and later on add a AI Chassis, Any thought’s? The price and availability of ammo has a big influence.
    I know I want it all LOL but ideally a gun that is suitable for target shooting and (When I findland) hunting.
    2-I currently have a “may use the rifle on any land the certificate holder has law full authority to shoot” condition on my licence. Will my new licence still be ‘open’ ?
    Any advice gratefully received.

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    Welcome to the site, managed to sort the antispam 5 post thing then?

    I don't know a whole lot about AI rifles but it makes me think big and heavy. Not sure about the sort of stalking you plan to do but I would advise maybe going out on a few stalks with an estate/borrowed rifle on the sort of ground you plan to stalk and see how you feel about carrying 14 lbs of long barrelled bulk on your shoulder on the way up.... and again on the way down with a red stag in tow!

    With regards to the open certificate... it's common practice for police forces to grant rifles with first time deer conditions with additional conditions attached. (i.e. your .22 will still be 'open' but the deer rifle will have conditions). Usually 'closed' (i.e. land deemed suitable by chief of police) and/or with mentor conditions or similar. The usual exception is in Scotland where they don't tend to do land checks. Have a read through the Legal section and see if you can find some threads from your police force area and see what other people have had.


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    Thanks csl, Yes the problem was I had an at symbol in text.Sorted now though J
    The truth of it is,I've never stalked anything bigger than a fox. I really do enjoy the precisionof target shooting and manage 1” groups at 100m with my 10-22 but nothing beatsthe field craft required to get into a suitable firing position.
    I enjoyed countless hours shooting squirrels and rabbits onmy farm but the landowner recently passed away and his sons have taken over theshooting rights!
    I have been out as a ‘guest’ on a few occasions after foxeswith a .223 and enjoyed that but I really do need to secure my own rifle permission.Pigeon shooting over decoys in the summer is all well and good, but I want tostalk LOL
    I thought about the Remington 700 as I could use thesynthetic stock whilst out in the fieldand the AI stock whilst at the range, It’s just a thought though.

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    Welcome may I suggest you enrol for DSC1 in your area this will help with your Centre Fire application and you will meet like minded folk in your area. You will also make contacts that may lead to someone willing to become a mentor for you, this is something they seem keen on in my own area. Best of luck with the application but don't bother with the two stock theory it simply won't work choose one and stick to it.

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    Welcome to the site, can I suggest you ask your questions in a more relevant section as not everybody reads the introductions and you may well get more responses.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome from another newbie to the site

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    Thanks all, I have been thinking about doing DCS1, I will look into it. My part one is a renewal though not a application, My club range (Ponteland-Otterburn) is ok with calibers up to .58
    I mangaged 3" groups at 300m with a borrowed .300 win mag A.I so I don't feel my marksmanship is a problem, I do need to learn about to conservation aspect of deer managment though.

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