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Thread: Now in response to wary sika not so wary sika

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    Now in response to wary sika not so wary sika

    Sika drive me nuts!!! some you can never never get within eyesight of then this lady, filmed with sony cybershot I was wearing milt sulps camo smock and trousers with bonnie hat and face veil was also down wind of the hind most of the time except for whifts of wind some times giving away my scent all together very intresting encounter hope you enjoy it as much as I did !!!!

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    You must smell right... the lynx effect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post

    You must smell right... the lynx effect?

    Wish I could bottle that lol !!!!!

    good luck Damian

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    I have never seen anything like that before!

    Only thing I can think of to make this possible is this has been a reared hind from perhaps being an orphaned calf? I just cannot see how a wild deer, especially a Sika hind, would allow you to get that close. A friend of mine had one that used to sneak up behind the trout fishers at his loch and actually suck the water off their landing net mesh when they were standing at the waters edge. She had been found orphaned by the keeper on the estate and hand reared. She was as tame as any domesticated animal.

    Regardless of the explanation very rare and outstanding footage.

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    Great footage!

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    Brilliant, never see anything like it before.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Excellent I enjoyed watching that.


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    Thought that was pretty good filming until I got to the end and saw how close it was! Thought you were going to reach out and touch it!! Single daft calf. Very very rare experience, hope you enjoyed!!

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    Excellent footage looked in fantastic condition

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