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Thread: Winter shooting suit

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    Winter shooting suit

    Hi guys,

    gona get a new jacket and trousers seen as the cold wether is materialising now. Ideally would like the harkila pro hunter but just can't justify the 600+ price tag. I've been looking about and narrowed it Down to the deerhunter ram jacket/trousers or the seeland keeper jacket/trousers. Have seen them both for around the same price. Has anyone got any experience with either of these suits? Would be interested to here what one was the best value?

    Regards rob

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    you pay for what you get
    go pro hunter they will last and keep you dry and warm


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    Got the Seeland jacket and Breeks very water resistant but the breeks are to noisy for stalking but fine for Game etc. I bit the bullet and went for Nomad can't fault them.

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    what gloves did you buy?, im looking at the moment want something warm and dry though

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    The best I've come across so far are Sealskin.

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    are the sealskin better then the goretex ones??

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    deerhunter kamchatka jacket and trousers if you can still find them are great in this weather

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJC View Post
    you pay for what you get
    go pro hunter they will last and keep you dry and warm

    +1, good all year round.

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    Anyone use the JahtiJakt suits??

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    Can't fault my keeper trousers.

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